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Personal Coaching

Would you take the steps towards enhancing life if you could? With the guidance and consultation of Veronika, your personal life coach, you will be on your way to more success in your life

Unlock Confidence

Has your own confidence been making it tough for you to achieve your goals? Unlock your confidence with Veronika and discover a world of happiness that you truly deserve

Work Life Balance

Have your job prospects been looking a bit lackluster? Whether you are looking for that promotion or to enhance your own business, a personal life coach will guide you to success and fulfilment.

Career Coach for Sydney Veronika Rumanova

Veronika Rumanova is a proven archetype and personal coach in Sydney, enabling her clients to clear those blocks and negative beliefs that are holding them back and enhance their ability to find the love, lifestyle and happiness that they desire.

Archetypes and Lifestyle - personal coaching

Find Love, Lifestyle and Happiness through Archetype and Personal Coaching

I’m doing fine. Why do I need Personal Coaching?

A lot of people ask this question; it’s great that you are doing fine. But what does the word fine mean to you on a scale between 0 to 10? Answer yourself, how satisfied are you with your current life? What about your career, or your health?

How would you rate your relationship with your family, spouse, kids, co-workers, friends and mostly with yourself between 0 to 10? And how does that make you feel?

Personal coaching helps you identify the area of your life that needs that little lift up. It is like a facial treatment for premature skin. See, no matter what your skin routine is at home, all the tricks that worked at some stage, don’t deliver the regular outcome anymore. The regular routine doesn’t have that much impact on your skin to keep it as young looking as before. Then you go to see a professional help who will assess what treatment will provide the best result to your skin. And often just a few sessions are needed to rejuvenate and plump the skin. The radical improvement and the quality of that treatment is noticeable immediately.

Just like a professional skin treatment, personal coaching can help you find the missing link in your life. Whether it’s to find spare time for you or your family, discover your hidden talent or assist you to live your life on purpose. Any improvement that you accomplish will make you feel more alive, more confident, happier.

You can live your life under your regular standards, but imaging what it could be if you take the leap of faith and reach the stars. Magical things could happen.

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How Personal Coaching Can Help You

In nutshell it helps you to separate what other people want you to be from who you really are. While you feel completely supported and safe. This gives you the permission to live your life in a way that is best for you, resulting in more confidence and harmonised life.

You see, only when we are in harmony with our purpose, we can chase our dream with pride and joy in our hearts. You will be able to get back on track to living your best life.

Benefits of Personal Coaching

Boost your self-esteem and increase your self-love. Turn your relationships from being tense to be fulfilling. Have your career or business goals set into a position that is right for you. Improve your health and your lifestyle.

There’s an infinite benefit of having a support from someone who devote the full attention to you. Everyone needs one. Every successful people have a coach! Why are you holding yourself back from becoming one of them? You could be on your way to bigger and better days.

This designed process will help you restore your confidence, happiness and drive.

Take the first step to a happier, more fulfilling and successful life. Allow yourself to unlock your true potential!

If you would like me to assist you as your personal coach, then don’t hesitate to contact me to get started. Or send a request to ask if you have any questions you might have about the process.

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