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Veronika Rumanova

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Heal Your Inner Child And Love Yourself Again

Would you take the steps towards enhancing life if you could? Do you feel stuck, wants more time for yourself and your loved ones? Or need more clarity & direction on where to go next? Gain resources and create boundaries to improve the quality of your life. Get full attention and support to get what you want in life.

Boost Your Confidence

Has your confidence been making it tough for you to show up for yourself? Gain more insight into yourself. Know your strengths and embrace your weaknesses. Stand in your power and be there always for you and those who need you.

Find Your Spark

Putting yourself out there within your career or a new business can be a scary thing. Hoping that people will see what you’re made of and want to take that chance. With the added value of a personal career coach, you’ll be able to show yourself off in a better light.

How Personal Coaching Can Help You

The fastest way to break through your old patterns is to do the deep work. That involves doing both, the inner work – spiritual & emotional healing while keep doing the outer work as well. We need to stimulate the mental and physical to keep the connection of body, mind & soul in equilibrium. 

Our beliefs drive our behavior and are the criterion on which we assess our own and others behavior. We will begin by looking at the area of your life which is currently the most important and continue aligning values in the timeframe we have.

We can align your values in career, family, relationships, personal growth & development, health & fitness, spirituality, and lifestyle.

Below is a general structure of a package of 5 sessions. Please note each session can be taken individually. Duration of each session is 1,5 hours.

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Coaching Package

Session 1 – Detailed Personal History

  • Find out why you want coaching.
  • What the main issues are and areas you want to address.
  • We will uncover internal conflicts and confusions.
  • We will find out what you want instead.
  • We will explore the personal history to discover the root cause of the problems that are currently presenting in your life.
  • We will identify the main issues, and these will be committed in writing and an outcome for your coaching program will be agreed to.

Sessions 2 – Clearing Negative Influences

  • Parents
  • Significant partners
  • Siblings
  • Teachers or others of influence

Session 3 – Clearing Negative Emotions

We will clear the umbrella of emotions first:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Guilt

Session 4 – Clearing Limiting Decisions

We find these from your personal history. Example might be:

  • Not feeling good enough
  • Getting angry at being criticized
  • Being accident prone
  • Having problems with money
  • Choosing the wrong relationship

Session 5 – Clearing Internal Conflicts and Confusions

Sometimes people can’t make up their mind about something because part of them wants one thing and part of them wants something else. In NLP these are called Parts and there is a process called Parts Integration that resolves this inner conflict.

Please note that people take different amounts of time to complete each section of the program, and that the individual’s program may will be unique, and may not follow each session in the exact order. There may also be issues from your daily life that may need to be dealt with in sessions, while at the same time keeping track with the program’s intention.

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