Think what could you lose if you don’t change something in your current situation?

Now imagine how much you could gain if you take the first step? The world is your oyster.



Personal Life Coach for love, happiness and careers for men and women in Sydney's North Shore and Eastern Suburbs

Do you often imagine living a different life? What would be the ideal picture of your life look like? Would you experience more love and joy? Would you have more time for your family or be more present with your spouse?

What would it look like for you if you unlock your true potential and discover your passion and purpose? How would it feel if you allow yourself more joy, love and happiness?

Take your life in your hands. Start creating the future you dreamed of.  There is no better time than now. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Start feeling enthusiastic about your future. Achieve the ultimate lifestyle you always wanted. It’s time to stop dreaming and start living.

“If you let go of any fears, self doubts or expectations of the future, you will create a space for new positive thoughts. Tune into your intuition and manifest all you want by trusting your capabilities to achieve anything. ”         ~ Veronika R.

What would be a game changer for you?

Heal Your Inner Child

We get into toxic relationships when we give others permission to decide our worth. Everything that we attract reflects the lack of self-love within us. The root of all this is the conditioning we received as a child. To become worthy, you need to validate yourself and know your worth. Even at your worst, you are worthy of everything because, in the eyes of the higher purpose you are perfect as you are. You are whole.

Boost Your Confidence

When we live in a state of guilt and unworthiness for the past decades, it becomes our second nature to the point that we don't know anymore what it feels like to feel worthy or guilt-free because it feels like that's who we are. Let yourself feel more joy and let go of the worry. Get your self-esteem back by leaving the past behind.

Find Your Soul Calling

The secret of happy life is to align your life mission to your soul purpose. You will know when you live on purpose. It feels like what you give others nourishes your soul. It will give the meaning to your contribution.

Coaching is an approach to personal change that activates a person’s inner resources to make dynamic, powerful, and lasting life changes.

I like to use multiple powerful techniques tailor-made to each person I get the privilege to work with. l learned some of the most effective strategies and practices from the best of the best to create fast, effective behavioural change.


Veronika Rumanova Personal life coaching for life, love, happiness and careers in Sydney, NSW

Does it feel like you constantly just surviving instead of thriving through the life? Do you want to have  more time, peace, harmony, joy and happiness? Then it’s time for you to take charges to own your life. 

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