How To Identify Limiting Beliefs

What is it that you believe in?

Can you say with undeniable truth that that belief you have is real?

Is it healthy?

A belief in something is having complete faith or trust, accepting it, even without proof at times.

Belief is an amazing thing, but how do you identify which beliefs you have are limiting you and which are worth keeping?

How do identify your limiting beliefs?


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How to identify limiting beliefs - life coach manly nsw


What is a Limiting Belief

Have you ever felt shy?

Have you ever felt unlovable?

Maybe you just feel as though you are having a bad day?

These are all limiting beliefs, because they are limiting your own belief about yourself.

The way that you talk to yourself shapes your personality, your goals and ability to achieve.

And as an extension of that, it also shapes how other people see you and treat you.


How To Identify Limiting Beliefs

The things you believe in aren’t always helping you throughout your life, sometimes they are truly holding you back.

Self-limiting beliefs are the ones that are locked up inside that are creating unhealthy thoughts that keep you from your true self.

Staying true to who you are is more about confidently accepting yourself and not being afraid to trust in new and healthier beliefs.

Negative thoughts have a way of bringing you down whether you realize it or not, so making a change might be where the right next step is at.


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Available in Manly & the wider Sydney region. Also available over Skype.


Promoting Change – Removing Your Limiting Beliefs

Since our limiting beliefs don’t serve us, ideally we want to either remove them or change them to uplifting beliefs.

Changing your limiting beliefs and your mindset is, of course, easier said than done.

But with the right technique, it’s possible.

The feeling of a dark cloud constantly over your subconscious is not what you want hanging over your head.

So opening up that next door to let in some light will only guide you to brighter skies.

Swapping for a positive outlook on situations or life in general can help to support a better foundation for learning and loving others, as well as yourself.

Keeping your mind open to new ideas and information is also a way to have different corresponding views on multiple things.

You don’t always have to conform to what you feel limited to.

Again, change is always easier said than done, but with some help, who knows what can be possible!


How to identify your limiting beliefs - life coaching manly nsw


How A Life Coach Can Help

A life coach is someone who can ultimately help you search within to find what is really blocking you from moving forward.

Gaining confidence and feeling better about who you are, are things that can resurface with the help of a life coach.

Veronika’s life coaching systems include clearing negative blocks and limiting beliefs, as well as and archetype discovery.

With these techniques you too can gain the skills you need to take back control of your life and to stop letting the negativity weigh you down.

Having Veronika as your life coach could be the team player you might never have known you needed.

She can help to guide you through some of your past hardships or show you how it should be to live a more fulfilling life.


Take That First Step & Feel Empowered

There’s no better feeling than waking up in the morning, clear in the mind and ready for the day.

Empowering yourself is about becoming stronger and more confident, ready for whatever life has next in store for you.

Get out there, enjoy life, and let your true light shine out!


Call Veronika for a FREE Life Coaching Consultation…

Available in Manly & the wider Sydney region. Also available over Skype.