Why Am I Not Confident?

Why Am I Not Confident?

Is this question lurking in the back of your mind?

Do you feel like you’ve faded into the background a bit?

Confidence shows that you can be bold and put yourself out there. 

You can feel self-assured and can appreciate who you are.

It also means that you are comfortable with yourself, even if other people reject you. 

If that’s something you might be lacking, it might be time to look inward and ask yourself, Why am I not confident?

What Is Holding You Back?

Past experiences and negative influences. It can be that simple. It could be the major component of why you might feel pulled down.

One way you should be able to resurface is by disconnecting.

Disconnecting from the past can only help you become a stronger, more capable you. It’s like saying good bey to the old you and Bonjour to your new self.

This involves eliminating negative blocks you may have projected on yourself through time. Don’s worry the majority of us do it as well. So you are not alone in this situation. We learn them from our family, friends, social situations, or from past relationships.

Go and break the tie between those negative thoughts and set yourself free. You own it to yourself.

It can help you to restore the confidence that’s already there. And make you feel like ‘da boss’. 

Disconnect From Limiting Beliefs to Rediscover Your Confidence 

How do you disconnect from these limiting beliefs?

Using a coach could be of great benefit when you’re feeling low on your self-esteem.

Through guided sessions and learning more about yourself, you could be on your way to a stronger you.

Even if your confidence is at it’s lowest, coaching can take place for you. Through Skype, from the comfort of your home. But still taking the next steps in the process.

As a coach, I’ll be always there to support your wellbeing. Assist in disconnecting from your limiting beliefs and negative experiences. And show you there’s more to life than living in the shadows.

These techniques combine modern life coaching with NLP & ancient wisdom. It’ll bring you a unique and effective coaching experience.

Benefits of a more confident life

Some benefits from finding a more confident you could be:

Trying new things

Get out of your comfort zone and experience something different for the first time.

This will not only increase your already growing confidence, but it gives you so much more to experience.

Think of the memories that could happen that might not take place otherwise.


A new outlook on your life. Showing positivity in new things could be a great way to keep up your ever-growing confidence.

Staying positive leads to a happier and healthier life. 

You can overcome

Feeling more confident lends to be able to vanquish those always present fears and doubts a bit quicker than usual.

Obstacles can seem like things of the past. Strive to be more positive and open to loving life and yourself.

Does asking the question ‘why am I not confident’ sound like you? Everyone can change their stars, and it all starts with changing yourself.