Why Can’t I Motivate Myself? | 3 Tips To Increase Motivation

The big question on everyone’s mind is: Why can’t I motivate myself?

Motivation is one of those concepts that eludes everyone, mostly because procrastination and lazing around seems like a better option at the time.

What is a lack of motivation?

Your motivation is mostly about having a reason to get up and do something, anything.

When you have a lack of motivation, that means that you can’t manage to find a reason to do things, whether that be getting out of bed or outside, or going out to see people you know.

When you don’t have the motivation, you also lack the energy to experience life in general, which usually makes you put things off, and not get excited about doing activities.

This lack of motivations can come from the bottled up negative beliefs and emotional blocks that are inside your subconscious.

Because of these obstacles that people face, living true to yourself and what you’re capable of can be hard to do.

So the question remains: Why can’t I motivate myself?

Why can’t I motivate myself?

A big part of not being able to stay motivated stems from the way we think about motivation.

Most of the time, we seem to try to use our will-power to propel us towards the things we need to do. And we call that motivation.

The problem with that is that will-power subsides. When it does you’re left with being at low speed again or at the end of the day, giving in to temptations that could be easily avoided.

Natural motivation is the best way to keep yourself motivated and to keep your will-power on hold for when it’s actually needed.

In this way, motivation needs to be about living for yourself truly and following your passions. Otherwise, motivation derived for different purposes fades.

How can you gain motivation?

Why can’t I motivate myself? Well, we need to start with building up some motivation.

Gaining your motivation back after lacking it can be a process, but here are some ways to get back on the right track.

Vision Boards:

Create a board that focuses on your goals. You can represent this with words, images and colours. Keep it in a place where you can see it on a regular basis.

Vision boards are a really great way to break out your creativity and map out things you want to do or achieve in your life.

The best part about it is that you can do it in any way that you want. With magazine clippings, articles, web images, or anything else.

Your imagination and your passions are key to this.

Personal Coaching:

Getting your motivation back with a personal coach could be the way you haven’t thought of yet.

This option will be a permanent way to keep motivation. Your coach can help you find your true self, your talents and passions, and get you right on track to stay motivated.

Clearing your past beliefs and discovering your archetypes can lead you to realize what it is that really drives you.


Balancing out your mind and soul is the key process of meditation and yoga practices.

This system of exercise and reflection has a way of getting to the core of your being and giving yourself clarity.

Motivation comes from being able to find your focus. And meditation has a way of re-balancing you into the correct position. Both techniques will allow you to focus on what you truly want in your life, driving motivation.

The best lasting results that I have seen to increase motivation comes from my life coaching. Together we will get to the core of the blockage and release it so that you have motivation throughout your life.

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